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25 Nov

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Brownie Thins

15 Nov

brownie thinsI almost didn’t post this recipe, because I wasn’t that impressed at first.  But the brownie thins grew on me, and they have a lot of potential.  They’re not very sweet, which actually worked out well because they lasted more than a day.  They also stayed moist for several days.  I topped mine with toasted walnuts, but pistachios (like the original recipe) would be good too.  I think I’ll make them with peppermint extract, topped with crushed candy canes for Christmas.   The recipe I used had instructions for flattening the thins before baking, but I found the dough thin enough I didn’t need this step.  I used a teaspoonful of dough for each cookie.  They’re small, but rich.


Brownie Thins

Carrots (and a stray onion)

14 Nov

carrotsI planted two kinds, Chantenay and Little Finger.  Don’t know which is which, but they are both shorter varieties that did very well in my not very sandy or loose soil.  The carrots were good, and a bit spicy.  Not bitter, but not sweet either.  They all went into a stir-fry, and I still have a bunch left in the garden. 


Cooking Classes

11 Nov

I will be teaching cooking classes for the Frederick County Parks and Recreation Department starting in January.  My classes are:

  • 10 Meals for $10
  • 3 Meals in 3 Hours
  • Couples Cuisine
  • Dinner and a Movie

Registration starts November 30th, and each class is limited to 8 participants, so mark your calendar!  I’ve been busy planning and testing recipes over the last few months, and I’m looking forward to good food and fun.  The classes are held at the Cooking Studio in the Middletown Park.  Click on the link above for more info. 

Also check out the classes that chefs Carla Lemons and Buck Reed are teaching.  I visited Chef Buck’s Spanish Tapas class tonight, and the food was great – my favorite was the Chickpeas in Onions Sauce – look for a post soon if I can successfully recreate the recipe at home!

Eggnog Cookies

8 Nov

eggnog cookieThese are still warm as I type this, at least the ones that are left.  I have to admit when I first read the recipe I was a little skeptical – it sounded like something off the back of an eggnog carton.  But, Shawn loves eggnog and cookies, so I figured even if they weren’t great, it wouldn’t be a total waste.  They are great, and easy, and I’ve decided to add them to the Christmas cookie lineup.

A few notes on the recipe – I was out of nutmeg, and almost decided to hold off on making these until I got some, but figured they’d be just as good with cinnamon.  And just as good with cinnamon means even better with cinnamon sugar!  That’s what I dusted the tops with – next time I think I’ll use turbinado sugar and freshly grated nutmeg.  I substituted allspice for the nutmeg in the batter, but just used 1/4 tsp so it didn’t overpower the nutmeg in the eggnog. 

The batter is soft and sticky, so next time I’ll chill it for a few minutes, then roll the dough into balls and flatten it to make perfect circles.  They really do take 20 minutes to bake, and make sure to leave them on the cookie sheet for a few minutes after taking them out of the oven – they’re very soft.

These would also be good with cream cheese frosting. 

Eggnog Cookies

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