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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec


Let in snow, let it snow, let it snow

19 Dec

Is it gourmet playdough if you add glitter? 

SOS! We ran out of milk!  We have a few slices of bread, so hopefully we’ll make it through – I’ve used up the flour to make playdough.

This is the best playdough – smooth, and not a bit sticky.  It keeps for a long time too if you keep it well sealed.  I made some a few months ago, and had a madeline moment while cooking it – the smell reminded me of being a kid and playing with playdough. 

Last time I made a bunch of funky colors. but they blend really well, so I went with primary colors this time.  Playdough

Shrimp & Corn Turnovers

14 Dec

I was stumped for dinner ideas the other night.  I needed something quick, and was low on groceries.  I had a pound of shrimp, a half-bag of frozen corn, one sheet of puff pastry, and a quarter jar of black bean & corn salsa, so I whipped up some shrimp & corn pastries which were really good.  I mixed all the aforementioned ingredients with some cheddar cheese, rolled out the pastry to make 12 squares, filled, and baked them.  I brushed the tops with egg wash and sprinkled half  with chili powder before baking.   

I had lots of extra filling – you really only need about a 1/3 pound shrimp – so I tossed in 3/4 c rice (all that was left!) and make shrimp, corn, and rice.  Also really yummy – and, I cleaned out the cupboards!

A mild rant

9 Dec

I watched Food, Inc. last night.   No real new information, though I was surprised to learn about libel laws relating to food products.  Whatever happened to free speech?  I think I’ll say I won’t eat hamburger/corn syrup/Smithfield pork, etc if I damn well please.  So sue me.

I though the movie was a little propaganda-y, what with the ominous music and hidden cameras, though I don’t disagree with its conclusions.

After hearing about Monsanto’s campaign to monopolize agriculture, I was heartened today to read about a victory for rice farmers over GM crops.  Bayer CropScience was testing GM rice, and some of it made its way to neighboring farms, tainting crops and costing farmers millions of dollars in lost revenue (many countries don’t want GM products – what’s wrong with us?).  I fear it will be cold day in hell before such as judgment is rendered against Monsanto.

I read an article in the Washington Post this week.  The author tells us to quit “going green” – we’re wasting our time.  The only real change will happen if everyone is compelled – through legislation – to make significant changes. I’m not going to stop recycling, but I think the same concept applies to food.  A minority can choose organic/sustainable/local foods, and make a small difference in individual diets.  Or the government can end corn subsidies to agribusiness, and we can all eat better.

Shrimp & Scallion Pancakes

8 Dec

I love Asian food.  I had to make myself stop eating they were so good.  I’ve been waiting for shrimp to go on sale to make this recipe, and I bought a pound.   I had about a half cup of sauce left over, plus the other 1/2 lb pound of shrimp, so the next day I sauteed the shrimp wtih carrots, and the sauce with a little cornstarch to thicken in it, and served it over rice. 

Shrimp & Scallion Pancakes

Feels Like Christmas

5 Dec

Honey Thyme Carrots

3 Dec

We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend in Tennessee with my husband’s family.  It was great to have everyone together, and get to see baby Asa.  While we were feasting on Thanksgiving dinner, though, something was feasting on my carrot tops back at home.  I was a little disappointed, since the last batch I harvested was so good, and I didn’t think the rest were ready yet.  I had to dig them up the ground was so wet, and was happily surprised – I got 4 or 5 pounds of carrots!  It turns out my last batch was all Nantes variety, and the Little Fingers were still in the ground.  They really do look like little fingers – not tapered as much as other carrots, and most the length of a long finger.  After much scrubbing, I sauteed them in olive oil with a little honey and thyme.  Perfect.  These are aptly named, since Shawn loved them.  I thought I’d have some leftover for lunch the next day, but no such luck.

Honey Thyme Carrots

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