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Mini Cheddar Biscuits – Gluten Free!

24 Apr

I admit, when I began testing recipes for my Go Gluten Free cooking class, I expected to find some good ones, but nothing to replace wheat flour.  I don’t know why – there’s nothing inherently special about wheat – it just happens to have become the norm.  I thought biscuits would be a big challenge, but I honestly wouldn’t have known these were gluten free had I not made them myself.  They have a slightly chewier texture than wheat biscuits, but not enough to notice unless you were comparing the two.  I based the recipe on another from Bob’s Red Mill website.  The original recipe calls for pressing the dough flat and cutting into rounds, but after mixing the dough, I decided to do a drop biscuit instead since it was so moist.  My favorite drop biscuits have cheddar cheese, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to add some to the gluten free version.  You can leave it out if you don’t eat cheese or dairy.  Some fresh thyme thrown in wouldn’t hurt either.

Mini Cheddar Biscuits


Rice Flour Muffins – Gluten Free!

18 Apr

Another gluten free test recipe, another success!  This recipe is based on one I found on the Bob’s Red Mill website.    I’ve always been happy with their products, and there are lots of recipes – gluten free and otherwise – on the site.  My favorite muffin recipe uses yogurt, so I decided to try it in the gluten free recipe, and was really happy with the result.  The texture is a little different from a wheat-based muffin – not quite as fluffy, a little moister, and very light.

I used honey almond Greek yogurt in my muffins, but you can choose any flavor.  Use lemon yogurt, omit the cinnamon, and add 1/2 c blueberries for blueberry muffins.  Next time I think I’ll make a gluten free streusel with white rice flour, turbinado sugar, and butter to sprinkle on top.

Rice Flour Muffins

Socca – Gluten Free!

14 Apr

soccaWell, my blog has lived up to its name.

Its been a dry spell for new, blog-worthy recipes – I’ve been busy and fallen back on old favorites a lot, and nothing new has been good enough to write about.  Until tonight!  In addition to being quick and easy, this recipe is also gluten free. I’ll be teaching Go Gluten Free at the Middletown Cooking Studio at the end of the month.  If you’re interested in more gluten free recipes click here to sign up.

One thing that attracted me to this recipe was the short list of ingredients.  Often gluten free recipes call for several different types of flour, most of which are expensive and only found at specialty stores.  This one uses only chickpea flour.  It has a kind of sweet flavor, and not too bean-y.  Its a kind of cross between a crepe and pizza.   I topped mine with some applewurst I needed to use up, hoping to fool the kids into thinking it a kind of pizza.  They were wary at first  – the flecks of green might have been spinach, and anything new is automatically suspect.  But after tasting, they all declared it good – maybe not as good as pizza, but certainly edible.

I did not add shallots to my batch of socca – that would have ensured a revolt by the children – but I will next time.  You could also leave out the rosemary, or substitute fresh thyme or oregano.

Socca Recipe

A Collection of Cakes

5 Apr

I know, I know, I haven’t posted anything in too long.  I just haven’t made anything good enough.  I can’t see the point of going to all the trouble to take pictures, type recipes, and write a little something about them if I don’t like them enough to ever make the dish again.  I have a few things in the works, but until then, I’ve created a collection of cakes I’ve made over the years.  You can click on each image to make it bigger.

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