18 Aug

I guess I took the summer off…

Anyway, here’s a selection of foods I’ve made, not much new, just some old favorites.

Zucchini “Crab” Cakes ~ shredded zucchini, a little mayo, dry mustard, lemon juice, an egg, breadcrumbs and Old Bay.  These taste remarkably like crab cakes.  I topped them with Japanese white sauce, recipe here.

I like to use just enough mayo to hold everything together – form it into a ball, roll and bread crumbs, flatten, and fry in a just a little olive oil.

Blueberry Pie – Happy Birthday Dad!

I love this recipe for Sloppy Joes from Simply Recipes.  I made these with ground turkey and added some chopped zucchini – the kids tried to complain, but they just tasted too good.

Blueberry Butter ~ words cannot describe but I’ll try – just sweet enough, a hint of tart, but no bitterness, cinnamon & spice, and smooth as silk.

Next year Shawn’s coming with me to pick the blueberries!


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