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Happy Birthday Bella!

27 Mar

This is Bella’s 4th birthday cake.  Since we had two parties, I suggested cupcakes for one, but she insisted that everyone get the carousel cake.  So I made two tops, that way each party could have a complete cake.

I made 2 cakes, dividing each batch into three layers instead of two.  I iced between three sets of two layers, and froze them.  When they were nearly firm, I marked the center and cut two of the cakes into a dome shape for the carousel top.  The bottom of the carousel was the remaining two layer cake.  The pillars are Wilton cake pillars with dowel rods for support.  The top is supported with covered cardboard cake circles (a little precarious!).  I used a flat tip to pipe the icing on the top, and topped it all off with edible glitter, and of course, ponies.  Shawn always adds a critical element to my cakes, and he was responsible for the construction portion of the carousel, and the flag on top.

Overall, I think Bella loved it, though she did ask me where the poles the ponies went up and down on were!

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