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Green Beans Galore

29 Sep


My green beans are making up for the past two years when I’ve gotten none!  I made pesto tonight and tossed it with green beans and pasta.  No picture-honestly, it wasn’t the most appealing -looking dish, but really yummy.  Bella had three servings!

I have found I like green beans best when they’re blanched and then cooked.  They seem to stay greener and crisper that way.

Cook in boiling salted water for 5-7 minutes then dunk in icewater to chill.  You can then refrigerate then for later, or go ahead and cook with them right away-they’ll need 2-4 more minutes of cooking time.


Italian Stir Fry

25 Sep

italian stir fryI’ve decided to start eating more seafood, so I stuck the handy Seafood Watch Pocket Guide in my coupon holder so I could choose environmentally friendly seafood.  Turns out its hard to find affordable, environmentally friendly seafood.  I don’t know if they’re Italian, but bay scallops were on sale last week, and they’re on the “best” list, so they made it into the recipe.

This is a 100% original recipe.  I’m sure there are others like it out there – I just haven’t seen them.  It was a big hit with the kids.  Bella and Shawn even liked the scallops!   It made just enough for one adult and three kids, but could easily be doubled.

You could substitute shrimp or chicken, and just about any vegetable – just make sure to add veggies that cook longest first.  

Italian Stir Fry

Thai Basil Chicken

30 Aug

Thai Basil chickenAnother compilation of internet recipes.  I planted Thai basil because I love the stuff, but I hardly ever use it!  Chicken tonight, plus I’ve found several more recipes that look good.  I went a little heavy on the lime, but I reduced the amount for the recipe.  I also only used the chiles in the marinade, because they’re smokin’ hot – it was the perfect amount of heat for a kid-friendly dish, but if you like spice, throw a few in with the green beans.   I served this over rice stick noodles, but rice would be great too.

Thai Basil Chicken Stirfry

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