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Shrimp & Corn Turnovers

14 Dec

I was stumped for dinner ideas the other night.  I needed something quick, and was low on groceries.  I had a pound of shrimp, a half-bag of frozen corn, one sheet of puff pastry, and a quarter jar of black bean & corn salsa, so I whipped up some shrimp & corn pastries which were really good.  I mixed all the aforementioned ingredients with some cheddar cheese, rolled out the pastry to make 12 squares, filled, and baked them.  I brushed the tops with egg wash and sprinkled half  with chili powder before baking.   

I had lots of extra filling – you really only need about a 1/3 pound shrimp – so I tossed in 3/4 c rice (all that was left!) and make shrimp, corn, and rice.  Also really yummy – and, I cleaned out the cupboards!


Ham & Cheese Croquettes

4 Sep

croquettesAre we sensing a theme?  I’ve made croquettes before, but they fell apart in the pan.  This time I chilled them before cooking and was much more successful.

I first tried to shape the croquettes by hand, and ended up a sticky mess.  Then I tried 2 spoons and that was equally unsuccessful.   I finally pulled out an ice cream scoop, and it worked perfectly!  Pack the mixture in and round the top with your palm, then roll it out.  Dip the scoop in cold water to keep from sticking.

I didn’t measure anything, so the recipe amounts are approximate.

Ham & Cheese Croquettes

Thai Basil Chicken

30 Aug

Thai Basil chickenAnother compilation of internet recipes.  I planted Thai basil because I love the stuff, but I hardly ever use it!  Chicken tonight, plus I’ve found several more recipes that look good.  I went a little heavy on the lime, but I reduced the amount for the recipe.  I also only used the chiles in the marinade, because they’re smokin’ hot – it was the perfect amount of heat for a kid-friendly dish, but if you like spice, throw a few in with the green beans.   I served this over rice stick noodles, but rice would be great too.

Thai Basil Chicken Stirfry

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